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About Amaryn Jewellery

Amaryn Jewellery by Anna Tetlow creates distinctive pieces that represent timeless  charm and beauty.

The aesthetics of Anna's designs are about subtle organic forms combined with modern elegance. She is fascinated by nature and in particular the microflora and the beauty of small intricate organisms living in symbiotic clusters. Anna says  the world  of micro-organisms is a world of astonishing symmetrical and asymmetrical beauty, both above and below land and water; a world of enduring peaceful silence as a counterpoint to the noisy and hectic planet we inhabit, and one which at the same time combines marvelous inter-related and ever evolving patterns, colours and textures.

Anna’s unique designs are the result of an innovative technique of stones and pearls setting. She sets them in metals such as gold and silver formed under great pressure. Her designs are spontaneous and in part result from the processes used. Distorted  precious metal dominates, envelops and embraces delicate stones and pearls. The finished product is slightly different each time, making each piece unpredictable and unique. The biomorphic nature of Amaryn jewellery blends harmoniously with the anatomical lines of the human form. Each piece is individually hand made in her London studio to create contemporary and elegant jewellery.

As a part of our commitment to environmental responsibility we are using recycled precious and non precious metal wherever possible and upcycled pearls and stones.